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The name: why "Pushing”
The name refers to the technique of installation of the object: the legs are inserted in the plane and are held in place by the push of two elastic curves in wood that do not allow them to go out from the interlocking.

The elastic parts are joined by a large screw whose head rests on the plane and with two other rings tightens the elastic parts that you can build with different materials: in brass and gilded wooden for a baroque image, resin to tack toward modernity, and if you want a vintage style in Bakelite. It works as a bridge resting behind the abyss that must be overcome. The shoulders are the legs, the springs are the supporting arches and the plan is the bridge.
In the object shown the top is in glass in such a way as to allow the view of the mechanism and the representation of the forces that hold together the object. The legs are tapered solid wood and ending with a small tube of polished brass that contains the rubber foot adjustable; there will be no adhesive to join the parts.



In ALIEN chair the upholstered seat, slightly concave and armrests make it particularly welcoming and comfortable staying.
The anthropomorphic backrest with oval openings that look of the eyes and the space between the seat and backrest, suitably shaped reminiscent of a mouth does the chair with a recognizable personality and memorable, and the decision to call it ALIEN is the direct consequence.

The empathy that comes from this subject involves the emotional side of the user who is attracted and then, at a later time not least, seduced by its comfort. It is an unconventional choice that can fit even for the furnishing of offices and meeting rooms, the colours are designed to contribute to the emotional feeling like the electric blue and the bright colours.



The project describes a seat for public areas with innovative features aimed to do the rest more relaxing and more pleasant, it is an object suitable to outdoor areas, an urban design that we think more comfortable than those that are currently in production and typically utilized by municipal administration.

Innovation is inserted onto the traditional form without dramatically changing it, rather integrating it with rising backrest and lengthening the seat that is designed for supporting legs as in a chaise longue.

The structure is made of galvanized metal or stainless steel, while the seat, the back and the footrest are provided in larch strips spaced from each other in a way that is not collecting rainwater.

The colors are green, which fits perfectly in the Italian parks, and the complementary red that makes it immediately visible.




The design of the chest of drawers “Oracle” is it  universal and primordial that refers to ancient symbols. The choice of the number of drawers is traditional: 7 as the days of the week and is around this number that develops all its measures.
The drawers are smooth in the front and have a groove on the side make it easy the opening.
The body structure is constructed with a aeronautical technique.
Even supports are inspired to the aeronautical technique: spears bent metal that connect to the body of the drawers with chrome screws are inserted in the wood truncated cone legs. A horizontal tension bar with hooks at the ends serves as a structural brace.
Materials: Wood Cherry with lacquered parts, bolts and screws chrome.
Dimensions: 70 x 42 x 161 cm



"Cockpit" is a unique and comfortable space where you can just relax with a book, listen to music or watch a movie on TV.

The concave shape and the padding enable the body to be softly wrapped and supported at the same time and a greater amplitude in the upper part ensures that the support of the head and shoulders are comfortable and not tied to a single forced position.

An ottoman footrest completes the project.

Materials: wood structure - polyurethane and latex - fabric stain.

Armchair: 106 x 108 x 128 cm h

Footrest: 54 cm diameter x 45 h

Materials: Polypropylene, padded cover, pillows, wooden legs.



It is a joyful and cheerful ottoman for furnishing of children's rooms.

The design goes beyond its simple form because the "tomato" opens in two half where children can stand side by side or leaning against a wall becomes a comfortable armchair with a back. The padding is in polystyrene beads that allows a sustained adaptability combined with the softness.

The "seeds" have a practical aspect: they are slightly raised and asymmetrical and they allow the two closed sides not sliding.

Measures closed: diameter cm 70




It is a low cost plastic watch. The watch is a unisex model for people with one requirement: be positive.

The mechanism ensures that, at noon, the small line that marks the minutes turns into a smiley to remember, the wearer of smiling. It's a moment of optimism and lightness because, as we know, the smile is therapeutic.





Even in an elegant cuisine the choosing a colorful decor like RAINBOW can be a fun and an unconventional choice. The cabinet is composed in a series of shelves that make the organization of kitchen accessories particularly useful.

The modularity of the elements is given by the availability of space and, thanks to the wide choice of colors RAL, the colors can be combined according to personal taste. The coating material proposed is the plastic laminate.

Measure single item: cm 30 x 30 x 200.




The bookcase is in different types of wood and brass fittings.

La structure is in cherry and pear wood.

The thickness of the shelves, in order to support the books, is of 1.2 cm in the rear and of 0.8 cm in the front. The taper is designed to be lighter on the front view of the library.

The shelves are supported by a rack system to conveniently vary the height of the spaces according to the necessity.

A staircase to anchor allows easy access to libri.

Measure single shelves: cm 80, 60, 40.
Height cm 350.






These furnishing projects aim to bring together all the elements for a hi-fi listening.


The special feature of this project is the choice of materials: the profiled iron used as support, the wavy sheet as the front and the big nut mechanic chromed.
The industrial aesthetic makes this furniture particularly suitable for a loft, an art gallery or a creative studio or for those in search of a piece of furniture with a strong personality. The components, record player, CD player, amplifier and docking kit on request, are visible under a plexiglass cover for easy opening.

The speaker Care Orchestra are an integral part of the cabinet, but thanks to the handles located on the top, they can be taken away from the central body. The wi-fi technology allows not to have unattractive wires.

Measurements: length 150 cm, depth 42 cm, height 88 cm
Measurements speaker: length 25 cm, depth 42 cm, height 42 cm









These furnishing projects aim to bring together all the elements for a hi-fi listening.


The shape retrò, red lacquer and the brass legs give this furniture a presence that does not go unnoticed, and thanks to the materials chosen make it familiar and friendly places in the memory of childhood. Aesthetics not banal enclosing a hi-fi technology visible through a transparent plexiglass cover to protect the components: record player, CD player, amplifier and docking kit on request.

The speaker Care Orchestra are an integral part of the cabinet, but thanks to the handles located on the top, they can be taken away from the central body. The wi-fi technology allows not to have unattractive wires.

Measurements: length 170 cm, depth 42 cm, height 88 cm

Measurements speaker: length 25 cm, depth 42 cm, height 55 cm




These furnishing projects aim to bring together all the elements for a hi-fi listening.


Projects AFRICAN, DANCE, THEATRE, TOTEM and WAVE are presented with sketches and arise from contamination of travels and dreams. Again, these shapes are based on classic lines revisited in detail and materials and take account of the need to contain technology hi-fi at a high level.








Mainly the function of a mirror is known, but what harm does if sometimes you look at in the mirror and need a small coach that gives you strength and reassurance? A royal crown or an halo can be switched on at the top of the mirror.

It's a smile that in the morning can make us leave the house proud and in the evening can make us sleep serene.





It is an acrylic goblet for martini cocktail telescopically reclosable, is a travel accessory for those who want a drink so famous without sacrificing the elegant formality of the container. easily transportable: closed is a truncated cone contained in a cylindrical box.






The pestle is formed by a sphere from which by subtraction is formed the handle.

The bowl has a hemispherical recess.

This project responds to the need to have a larger surface area available: the solid form of the pestle, in fact, generates a friction area adapted to facilitate more extensive crushing of the components.

The handle is solid and strong and allows a rotational movement, instinctive and simple, comparable to that of a millstone.

The rounded and smooth shape with no corners or recesses, also under the handle,

has been designed to allow a perfect cleaning after use because there are no parts where the liquids may stagnate.

Pestle: diameter 15.5 cm

Bowl: diameter 20 cm x 9


Faro is a candlestick in iron and brass.

The rust of the folded square tube and the base has been obtained put it in a vinegar and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution while the brass has been polished in order to have it very shiny.

The effect of the two materials is a pleasant contrast between the orange color of rust and gold colored brass.

Dimensions: 90 mm base diameter

x 270 mm height





The project stems from the competition "Create your tile" organized by Refin in 2014.The colors are bound at a color range provided in the brief.The measures are cm60 x 60.





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